Website Page speed optimization Service

Our experienced specialists will optimize your website and increase page loading speeds, by blocking unnecessary resources or optimizing the slow-loading resources.

Fully optimize your page loading speed

Pagespeed is an important ranking factor for SEO and it’s important to optimize your website and pages  to load quickly.

With our speed optimization service, we’ll inspect all of the issues slowing down your site. With website page speed optimization service, we guarantee to optimize your page speed at most 3 seconds.

You can check your current speed using GTMetrix or Google Page speed!

How we optimize your page loading speed up to 3 seconds or less.

JavaScript & CSS Minification

We remove all redundant code, space and blocks, minimizing all the code into a one long line of code.

Implement Browser Caching

With caching, browsers will cache some parts of web pages so all content doesn’t have to load every time.This really increases your page speed and minimize page loading time.

Image Optimization and Compression

With the correct tools, we compress your site's images without any quality loss and minimize the time required to load your resources.

Optimize Render Blocking CSS

Our specialists will optimize the stylesheet files that are affecting pagespeed negatively.

Lazy load script files

Our page speed specialist s will resolve slow loading script files that block page rendering.After the fix, the page will render much more quickly and efficiently.

Script Prioritization

Our Search engine Optimization specialists will order the scripts to optimize the page rendering and

How you can optimize your page loading speed

Make order and input required information

Just purchase Website Page Speed Optimization Product and provide us your URL and some basic information about your site.

We backup your site

Before doing any work, we make a full backup of your Website.

We create a staging environment

we create a subfolder on your site where we can test our optimizations without affecting your production environment.

Speed optimization

We inspect your system and perform all required speed optimizations, reducing your page speed to a total loading speed of at most 3 seconds, guaranteed.

Results and customer approval

We will a complete report giving detailed information about your site's optimization process and a comparison between the initial and latest speed test results. Before we go live, you get to review the enhancements we made.

Go live

After you approve the speed enhancements, we merge our changes to your live website.

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Website Page Speed Optimization Packages

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